I only have one word for boot camp…AWESOME! I always knew I was a strong woman…military wife, mother of 2 and successful business woman…but the results I got from boot camp make me feel like I can conquer the world! I feel great and I know it is from you and the other woman in camp pushing me each and every day! I have nothing but good words to say about every aspect of the experience (even the sore muscles 🙂 ) My only disappointment is that it didn’t last longer. I am truly sad that it is over.

Apryl – Stow, Ohio

I was looking for a jumpstart to my fitness routine I got that and so much more! I am stronger and more toned than I ever was from running. It has kept me coming back for 2 years! Chris is so motivating and knowledgeable, and really pushes you to meet your own fitness potential. I actually did my first triathalon this summer. NEVER did I think that was possible. We will miss you in Columbus!

Jill – Columbus, Ohio

The Adventure Boot Camp is simply the best! I particularly like the variety of activities and the sense of fun that’s built into the program. I really felt like I was getting the maximum benefit out of the program. I highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to improve their fitness and overall health.

Linda Landers – Columbus, Ohio

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about something entitled “Boot Camp”. I envisioned a lot of yelling and not the most nurturing environment. However, since day one of camp, I have been nothing but thrilled to wake up and hang out with my newly acquainted friends. After two camps, I have learned so many new exercises that have stirred muscles I didn’t know I had! The biggest change for me has occurred in my arms, hips and abs. I feel so much leaner and firm. I’m into a size 4 and my energy level has seen a significant boost.

Lisa M. – Columbus, Ohio

Boot Camp consists of a nice combination of cardio, weight and balance exercises that really improved my ability to run and lift more weight. My results were a stronger core, better toned body and increased stamina – no more panting while running up the stairs with the laundry basket! It’s also addicting – once you see those results, which don’t take long, you really don’t want to give it up – even at 5:30 a.m.!

Nancy – Columbus, Ohio

I’ve been in boot camp with Chris as an instructor for a year. Boot camp has changed my life. I’ve lost weight, have more energy, and feel great. Chris is always positive and encouraging to everyone no matter what their fitness level. He helps participants to focus on individual fitness goals. I highly recommend bootcamp to everyone whether you are 20 or 50!

Marie – Columbus, Ohio

Boot Camp worked for me better than any other exercise. It’s an amazing experience that will change how you look and how you feel. Chris will push you to do your best everyday and you’ll be surprised by how much you achieve.

Liz – Columbus, Ohio

I arrived at boot camp overweight and out of shape – a true couch potato who loved food and hated exercise. But, I knew it was time for a change and this boot camp sounded like just the cure. What I was really looking for was something to jump start me into better fitness and eating habits. What could be better than four weeks of intense fitness training with other women under the guidance of an experienced trainer? And the classes were great! The variety of activities and pace of the class made the hour fly by each day. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of hard work. He pushed me harder than I would ever push myself working out alone. But he also allowed for the individual abilities of each participant. It didn’t matter that I was the slowest or the weakest. What matters is that I worked at and improved at everything. And the results are impressive. During the four weeks, I lost eight pounds. I lost two inches each around my chest, waist, and hips. I also lost over one inch on each arm and leg. I improved my one mile run time by 10%. Plus, I have more energy than ever. Best of all, it has given me just the boost I was looking to attain. I’m now eating better, sleeping better, and exercising regularly. I have the hope and belief that I can continue my new fitness habits and my journey to a leaner and healthier me. And I’m looking forward to returning to future boot camps to challenge myself again.

Diana, RSM – Columbus, Ohio

I am not sure if my attitude communicates this appropriately, but I really enjoy your program. I think you do great job of making the workouts challenging for everyone, particularly given the variety of people in the class. I also appreciate your motiviation style, which is constant but not overwhelming. I like the format of your class, and the variety and the interval/circut approach. You are obviously knowledgeable and I have learned new things about my form, different exercises, etc. through your class.

Rae Ann – Stow, Ohio

The experience has far exceeded any of my expectations and has been so incredibly fun that I can hardly express how much I have enjoyed it. What has surprised me more than anything is not just how much better I feel physically but almost more so how much better I feel emotionally/mentally. Getting moving first thing in the morning gives me more energy for the day and makes me feel better about myself which in turn has a domino effect on how I interact with my children and my husband. I come home smiling, have coffee with my husband and tell him all about the workout.

Julie – Stow, Ohio

A formalized, instructed bootcamp is not something I ever imagined I would enjoy. However, within one morning of Summit County Adventure Bootcamp, it became an addiction. Chris formulates his bootcamp in such a unique, positive, diverting way. Each day brings a new challenge and intensity. The hour of camp quickly goes by and come 6:30a.m., you are left with a sense of accomplishment, energy, focus and determination for the day that lies ahead of you. It is definitely incomparable to any workout I have ever experienced. Chris clearly demonstrates dedication, perseverance and passion to making a difference in campers overall nutritional and physical health. This camp is beyond amazing and I highly recommend it to all women out there that are prepared to take on that next fitness challenge and raise the bar!

Collette – Streetsboro, Ohio